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Curriculum Vitae

Most up to date Curriculum Vitae at LinkedIn.


I started my IT career at Sun Microsystems Nederland BV from July 13th 1998 until December 31st 2002. My function was Technology Systems Engineer. Beside that I was the specialist on the Sun Ray Appliance and Operating Environment Ambassador for Sun Netherlands.

After that I worked for ZX Factory as a senior systems architect (from January 27th 2003 until August 31th 2007).

Then I worked for Competa IT as a senior IT architect (September 1st 2007 until August 31th 2016). At first I was seconded at Rabobank Nederland, modernizing there Sun/Solaris base and maintaining there networkmanagement enviroment. The last 6 years at Competa I was seconded at Wigo4it. Initially to modernize there Sun/Solaris enviroment. But after I was done with that after only one year, I shifted focus to other areas within the organisation like networking, storage, databases and most of all security! After 6 years of secondmend at Wigo4it, I decided to leave Competa and become an internal employee of Wigo4it in the role of Security Architect. Here I got the change to build the Security Architecture from scratch and to assist in setting up the Enterprise Archicture.


I studied biology at the University of Utrecht. I graduated May 26th 1998. In my final year I had to do two internships of 9 months and I had to write a thesis.

The first internship was at the department of Experimental Zoology, Biochemical Physiology research group, under the leadership of Prof. Dick van der Horst and Ir. Simon Vroemen.

My second internship was at the faculty of Health Sciences, department of Fysiological Chemistry, IGF research group, also at the University of Utrecht. I worked there under the leadership of Luc Rietveld.

Finally, I wrote my thesis at the department of Experimental Zoology, Biochemical Physiology research group, under the leadership of Dr. Wil van Marrewijk.

More information about my work is available on this homepage.

Warande project:

I've been active in the warande project for over 13 years. In this project, the flat were I lived (the Warande) was connected to the internet. Of course, a lot of things most be organized within such a project, like the homepage, helpdesk, technical group, brainstorm group, administration etc..


Cycling, cooking, flying, climbing, photography, Hifi and related stuff.