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I studied Biology at the University of Utrecht, cause I'm fascinated by biology. Especially in the way cells work, and how information is passed to the next generation. That's why I specialised in Signal transduction (how a signal from outside (ie. hormone) is able to switch on/off certain events in the cell) and Molecular Biology (roughly how genes are regulated). I graduated on May 26th 1998.

Here you'll find information about what I've done during my study.

Biochemical Physiology

Some background information about my research I've done on the role of the three Adipokinetic Hormones (AKH) on the signal transduction of Inositol Phosphates in the fat body of Locusta migratoria

This work is published in Molecular Cellular Endocrinology

Simon F. Vroemen, Wil J.A. Van Marrewijk, Jeroen De Meijer,
Aloys Th.M. Van den Broek, Dick J. Van der Horst
Differential induction of inositol phosphate metabolism by
three adipokinetic hormones. (1997)
Molecular Cellular Endocrinology 130:131-139
View the article in PDF format ((c) elsevier science) (820 kb)

View my report in PDF format (602 kb)

Physiological Chemistry

My second internship, on cell-specific proteins regulating transcription in the upstream part of promoter 3 (P3) of Insuline growth factor II. Target of this study was to find cell specific proteins that are responsible for the difference in activity of P3 in fetal and adult, and liver and non-liver tissue.

View my report in PDF format (501 kb)

Thesis at Biochemical Physiology

I also had to write a thesis, which I wrote about Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL). HSL has a key role function in fat-metabolism.

View my thesis in PDF format (525 kb)

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